Move Your Vehicle to a Safe Location

Move Your Vehicle to a Safe Location

Turn to us for towing services in Temple Hills, MD

Whether your car has broken down or been damaged in an accident, you'll need to relocate it to avoid further issues. A tow truck can take your vehicle to your preferred repair shop. Pick DPB Towing LLC as your local towing company in Temple Hills, MD. We can take care of emergency towing for police departments when a severe accident has occurred. You can rest assured that we'll work quickly to get traffic flowing again ASAP.

Contact us now for immediate emergency towing services.

We'll handle vehicles of any size

We're properly equipped to tow a wide range of vehicles. Reach out to us when you need towing for:

Small vehicles - Passenger sedans and sports cars
Medium vehicles - Trucks and vans
Large vehicles - 18-wheelers and large trucks

You can trust us to always treat your vehicle with care. Call us now at 301-265-6404 for prompt assistance.